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February 9, 2016

Waverly Drama's directors are putting to shame the old cliche saying, "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach."


Performing in two separate productions simultaneously, musical directors Patrick Lambrecht and Rachel Kornfeld are starring in The Haymarket Theatre's production of Civil War Voices and director and drama sponsor Blake Tobey is playing Matthew Cuthbert in Lincoln Community Playhouse's musical production of Anne of Green Gables. 




Civil War Voices, written by Lincoln attorney Jim Harris, is an award-winning musical that features dramatic interpretations from historical Civil War-Era figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Generals Grant & Lee, as well as accounts from the ordinary citizens on both sides of the bloody conflict.


Harris utilized first-hand accounts to craft this show.


"Civil War Voices tells the compelling and passionate true stories of real people who lived through the conflict, using the actual words the characters left behind in diaries, letters and other writings," Harris states on the Civil War Voices webpage.


The timing for Civil War Voices poses a unique challenge for Lambrecht and Kornfeld as they are also currently directing WHS Drama's spring musical Beauty & The Beast.


For Lambrecht and Korfeld, this marks the second production this school year they've co-starred in as husband and wife, both on and off the stage. In September 2015, the duo played King Claudius and Queen Gertrude in Flatwater Shakespeare's highly-regarded production of Hamlet.





Tobey makes his Lincoln Community Playhouse debut with the new musical adaptation of the beloved novel Anne of Green Gables


Adhering closely to its source inspiration, Green Gables follows the adventures of Anne Shirley, an orphan girl who is adopted by an elderly farmer and his sister. Slowly but surely, Anne's upbeat personality and fiery attitude spreads across the small community of Avonlea as she learns where she belongs in this world.


The timing of this show was perfect for Tobey.


"We're expecting our second child May 13, and my wife and I knew this would be my last opportunity to perform for quite a while, so I knew I had to audition," Tobey said.


It wasn't only good timing, however, that got Tobey back onstage.


"I get such joy from performing," Tobey said. "I love directing, but there's a special rush you get when you're under the lights. Plus, there's no better way to develop my skills as a director than to get out and engage in all areas of theatre; I've learned so much from the cast, crew and directors that I'll bring back with me to my next production at Waverly."


Both productions run Febr. 11 - 14 and Febr. 18 - 21. Tickets for Civil War Voices are available at Haymarket Theatre's website and Anne of Green Gables tickets can be purchased on Extreme Tix's site.

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